Taekwondo Team Jong-Do e.V. from Dresden

In der zweiten Woche der Herbstferien (KW. 41) kann aufgrund einer Reinigung unsere Sporthalle kein Training stattfinden.

We are the Taekwondo Team Jong-Do e.V. from Dresden and in our association Taekwondo is performed according to the specifications of the Taekwondo Union Sachsen, the Deutsche Taekwondo Union and the Organization World Taekwondo.
Taekwondo is a martial art from Korea, in which special emphasis is placed on fighting techniques that are performed by feet (Tae). There is a variety of different kicks, which are increasing in their difficulty. In addition to the foot techniques, Taekwondo also learns various hand and fist techniques (Kwon), both for attack and defense. In contrast to martial arts such as judo, in which you mainly use the strength of your opponent against them, Taekwondo is a very active martial art that requires a lot of your own strength to perform the techniques correctly.
Our coaches always tries to create a varied and demanding training so that you learn something new in every lesson, but also consolidate the knowledge you have gained. Especially in the children's training, but also in the adult training, in addition to physical and mental skills, the inner attitude (Do) is taught, which is essential for all martial arts. That our Taekwondo team harmonizes well is one of our main goals, but it's also about the ability to correctly assess your and others strengths, which plays a major role in self-defense.
In addition to the training, numerous courses and exams are offered, to train with other clubs and organizations.
Everyone is welcome in our association.

Training Schedule

monday 17:30 - 18:30 children (7-9 years)
18:30 - 20:00 adults (from 14 years)
wednesday 19:00 - 20:30 adults (from 14 years)
friday 17:15 - 18:15 children (10-13 years)
18:15 - 19:45 adults (from 14 years)

Coaching Team

Diana Steinmüller
belt: black (1st Dan)
Active in Taekwondo: since 2007
last examination: september 2017
- Trainer C license
- Self-defense coach
job: Master interior decorator and student
Portrait: Svea Stöcker
Svea Stöcker
belt: black (1st Dan)
Active in Taekwondo: since 2009
last examination: may 2022
- junior coach
job: student
Portrait: Emma Schweiß
Emma Schweiß
belt: red black (1st Kup)
Active in Taekwondo: since 2013
last examination: november 2022
- junior coach
job: student
Portrait: Martha Schrader
Martha Schrader
belt: blue (4th Kup)
Active in Taekwondo: since 2016
last examination: november 2022
- junior coach
job: pupil
Dag Dammann
belt: black (2nd Dan)
Active in Taekwondo: since 2003
last examination: may 2022
- Trainer C license
- Self-defense coach
job: computer scientist
Portrait: Jan Wittstock
Jan Wittstock
belt: black (1st Dan)
Active in Taekwondo: since 2010
last examination: december 2022
- Trainer C license
job: student
We are looking for coaches!

Have you already gained experience in Taekwondo and are you at least 16 years old? - Then get to know our training and our trainers without obligation and apply.

Our association actively promotes the training of trainers in cooperation with the Taekwondo Union Sachsen and the Stadtsportbund.

If you have any questions, just send us a message or visit us in training.

We look forward to you.


Note: The sports hall cannot be seen from the street. Just go through the gate onto the school grounds. The sports hall is then on the right. The hall entrance can be reached from the playground.

Taekwondo Team Jong-Do e.V.
Gym of the 63rd elementary school
Wägnerstraße 24
1309 Dresden
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Eingang der Halle

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Training and Membership

Everyone can become a member of our association, regardless of age or previous knowledge - there is something for everyone. You are welcome to take part in our training units for up to three weeks on a trial basis. If you decide to become a member, all you have to do is fill out theregistration form, sign it and hand it in at the training.

What can you expect from training?

In every lesson we try to tailor the training to the participants individually, so that even advanced learners learn new techniques, existing skills are perfected and beginners learn the basic and complex techniques from the start.

No panic!
We use Korean terms and commands as much as possible, which sometimes confuses newcomers. Nobody expects you to have attended a korean course before your first training session. We all started small and the rule is as always: learning by doing. ;)

What should you bring with you?
We recommend that you bring a sports T-shirt and long sports trousers with you, but shorts also work. You should also have enough water with you. You don't need any sports shoes because we always train barefoot.

Training for Children

The aim of the children's training is that the basic techniques of Taekwondo, as well as their Korean terms, are learned with fun. The children learn to do partner exercises with each other and to treat each other with the necessary respect.
Children should also take part in belt exams at regular intervals in order to find out what it is like when efforts pay off for something and of course to keep the motivation for the sport.
We recommend a minimum age of 7 years to take part in the children's training.

Training for Teenagers and Adults

We recommend a minimum age of 14 years to participate in adult training.

The following disciplines are trained in our training:

Warmup and Stretching

Before we start our training, we usually warm up briefly and then stretch extensively so that there are no injuries during the training.

Basic Techniques (Kibon)

The basic techniques are required in every other discipline and are therefore fundamental for good Taekwondo training. From a simple punch to jumping and twisted kicks, everything is trained in this area.

Patterns (Poomsae)

Patterns are about learning a sequence of fixed basic techniques and executing the individual movements with the greatest possible precision in their details.

One step training (Ilbo Taeryon)

The partner exercise single-step fight is on the one hand the first preparation for a real fight, on the other hand it is about the techniques. Like in a pattern, every technique should be executed with a high degree of precision.

Self Defense (Hosinsul)

Emergency situations are trained in self-defense. We train how to behave if you are attacked in everyday life or how to de-escalate a dangerous situation. In this discipline, the inner and outer attitude towards other people is also trained.

Sparring (Kyorugi)

Sparring is about speed. Techniques do not have to be as accurate as in a pattern, but they have to reach the opponent within a few milliseconds. It is learned to read the body language of the opponent, to anticipate his next attack technique and to counter the attack with an appropriate technique.

Breaking (Kyokpa)

Breaking is the supreme discipline in Taekwondo. With a selected technique, one or more boards must be stepped on powerfully and precisely. The technique requires long and intensive preparation.


As with the basic techniques, a certain amount of coordination is included in all exercises. This is continuously improved through general training and individual exercises designed for it.


In addition to training in order to improve the execution of the techniques, we always try to integrate energy-intensive training sections so that a long-term improvement in condition can be determined.


10€ / month
Children and

up to 16 years

15€ / month
pupil, students
and trainees

20€ / month

I want to

click here

The financial contributions of our members cover a wide range of costs. On the one hand, there are costs such as the rental of the gym or an expense allowance for our coaches, and on the other hand, there are costs for the sports club insurance, which insures all club members in case of an accident.
Furthermore, fees are paid to sports associations such as the Deutsche Taekwondo Union and the Taekwondo Union Sachsen, as well as the Stadtsportbund Dresden.
We always try to have the equipment which is required for sparring or self-defense training, in a sufficient number ready. The training of our coaches is also promoted in our association through specially tailored courses and license courses.
The membership fees cover the course and examination fees of our members and we encourage participation in competitions.


Any questions? Just send us a message.

Thank you for your message.
We will get back to you as soon as possible.
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